Who may attend USTDA's South Africa Green Hydrogen Business Briefing? 

Attendance at this event is limited to U.S. Individuals, U.S. firms, or U.S. consultants as defined in USTDA's Nationality, Source, and Origin Requirements, available on USTDA's website (

What type of networking opportunities can I expect the day of the Business Briefing?

There will be a networking break where you will have the opportunity to meet informally with the delegation.

How do I receive access to the presentations from the Business Briefing?

We ask each participant to complete a survey sharing their feedback on various aspects of the Business Briefing. Upon completion of the survey, we will provide you with electronic copies of the presentations.

Why is it so important that I complete a survey at the end of the Business Briefing?

For every USTDA sponsored event, we must clearly capture the details of what transpires at every event and outcomes of the event that support the goals and objectives. The Final Report is a critical record that shows how USTDA funding was used, what was gained, and how it helped each participant achieve their goals. The Final Report is then used by the USTDA Program Monitoring and Evaluation Office to track and evaluate the impact of the program and helps drive future program design and funding decisions.

Following the Business Briefing, is there a way you can help me stay connected with fellow participants and delegates?

Yes, we can assist you in following up with any of the delegates or other Business Briefing participants.

Will I be able to meet privately, one-on-one with the delegation?
Yes, following the Business Briefing, you will have the opportunity to participate in short, private one-one-one meetings, speed dating style, with the delegation. The meeting time may vary, but is typically about 15 minutes. As we get closer to the Business Briefing, you will receive a separate registration link to select your meeting preferences. These meetings are only available to those who have registered for the Business Briefing and will be attending in person.

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